Monday, February 01, 2021

Who is this mystery Parish Councillor?... a reprise

It appears fashionable, all of a sudden, for people to want my photograph and a brief biography. That is, two organisations have asked in quick succession, this time my own Parish Clerk for our village website. And, whilst I could have simply recycled the first one, these are my friends and neighbours, so I thought that I ought to put a little more detail in this time...

Mark Valladares
is the Chair of Creeting St Peter Parish Council, and has been since 2018, having been on the Council in this incarnation since 2016. With decades of experience watching other people chair organisations well (and badly), he has developed a relaxed yet efficient style of chairing on the basis that meetings are usually dull and people (including his fellow councillors and the Clerk) are better off doing things as opposed to talking about them. His particular fields of interest are governance and finance. 

He can normally be seen wandering around the village as part of his 10,000 plus steps a day habit, and is thus fairly approachable once you've attracted his attention (if alone, he's listening to music via headphones). A former Londoner, he has had a steep learning curve to reach his current level of knowledge of how villages do, and might, work, although a bus service would be very nice (he doesn't drive). 

In the rest of his life, he is married to Ros (who is far more interesting), and works as a civil servant in a large building in Ipswich. He writes about life as a Parish councillor and villager here and can be found on Twitter at @honladymark.

If that doesn't persuade residents to vote me out of office in 2023, then nothing will...

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