Saturday, August 18, 2018

I’ve been a little tied up...

It’s funny how you collect stuff over time. And it’s not as if I’m some out of control collector of “stuff”. I shop occasionally, if a little haphazardly, an occupational hazard of putting on weight gradually but significantly over a period of time, I guess.

So, I’ve started what promises to be a vaguely painful, but valuable exercise of going through my wardrobes to see what I’ve got and to reestablish some sense of order. And I started with something easy, just to gently lower myself into the water, so to speak - my tie collection. I don’t wear ties that often, so I couldn’t imagine that it would be a major task.

Fifty-two rolled ties later (plus another one which needs cleaning), I was slightly shell-shocked. Where did all of these ties come from, and why haven’t I worn a number of them in living memory? And there are bow-ties too, eleven of them. In other words, I could wear a different tie every day for more than two months and never repeat.

That’s a lot of ties.

There’s nothing for it, some of them are going to have to go to a good home, i.e. somebody else’s. Luckily, they’re all in good condition, so will be of use to someone, I hope...