Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So, why is HM Revenue & Customs so aggressive with football teams in financial trouble?

The recent high-profile clash between Portsmouth FC and HM Revenue & Customs has brought the taxman into the spotlight. On Monday, the Guardian published an interview with a senior recovery official.


Anonymous said...

I feel it is appalling that a football club going into administration is required to pay debts directly related to football in full first of all and everyone else to whom they owe money has to put up with a share of whatever is left - if anything.

It is not only we taxpayers who lose out because of this - but also all the other organisations involved with such a club e.g. in the Portsmouth case from what I saw on the news this affected St Johns Ambulance and various local businesses.

Colin Ross said...

I would rather they were even harder on Portsmouth, but then I am clearly biased!

See you at Conference.