Monday, March 01, 2010

A productive day in the sunshine

After a lightning turnaround by my friendly printer (take a bow, Tim Lockington, Chair of Ipswich Liberal Democrats), I had a day to deliver the second Stowupland and Creeting St Peter Focus. And, with some help from my massively over-qualified fellow deliverer (I can always rely on the Party President to attend our Action Days...), we've managed to deliver something like 70% of the ward.

As I've noted in the past, District Council seats in places like Mid Suffolk are not all that political, and in the absence of political activity, voters tend to default to voting Conservative. And yet, Stowupland ward was held by Labour not so long ago, and we gained 23% of the vote without a campaign last time, so I'm not convinced that Stowupland is unwinnable.

I'll keep working, and we'll see what happens. After all, my campaign manager is really rather good...

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