Tuesday, March 02, 2010

'Liberal Bureaucracy' - numbers for February 2010

I have no idea where the time goes (although a lot of it seems to be spent on trains) but with February behind us, here are the figures for last month...
  • 2228 visits, up from 2210 last month (a 0.8% improvement on last month, although given the number of days in each month, it equates on a per day basis to an 11.6% improvement) but down from 2273 in February 2009 (a 2% fall)
  • £1.20 of advertising revenue, up from £0.73 last month (a 64.4% improvement!) and up from £1.03 in February 2009 (a 16.5% improvement).
I'm now expecting to qualify for my first cheque from Google Adsense in December 2014...

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