Monday, March 22, 2010

A night out in Congleton

Just because you've started the day in one constituency, and campaigned in another, doesn't mean that your day is over. And indeed, that was true on Saturday, as we drove to Stoke, grabbed a coffee at our hotel, and grabbed an hour's break before heading to Alsager for the Congleton Liberal Democrat Dinner.

Our candidate there is Peter Hirst, a fellow member of the Unlock Democracy Council, and it was nice to have a brief opportunity to catch up. Ros's speech went down well, and some robust questioning took place (lesson to be learned for the future, don't suggest to Northern women that they might be delicate flowers...).

Dinner was a buffet carvery which suited this carnivore well, and I had a pleasant evening talking to some of the members and activists before the raffle draw, in which I broke a recent worrying trend of not winning anything. Given that I've probably bought enough raffle tickets in the past to stretch from Creeting St Peter to Montgomery, that is a bit worrying...

But the evening came to an end, and we returned to our hotel room and prepared for a civic day in the morrow...

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