Monday, February 01, 2010

A moment of regret on behalf of an 'enemy'

I generally find it easier to dislike an idea or an organisation than an individual, especially as most people have redeeming features when dealt with on their own. And so one can sympathise when things don't go according to plan.

I ran into Iain Dale at the weekend at the celebration of the life (so far, he's not dead!) and works of Duncan Brack. He would have had every excuse for being a little glum after the news that he hasn't been shortlisted for Suffolk Coastal (didn't I say that he would apply?), but turned out for a friend. I told him that I was personally sorry to hear his news, especially as he would have been a good fit for the seat.

It isn't entirely lost for him now, although Conservative selection rules place tremendous power in the hands of the Party Chairman, Eric Pickles, for any selections still to take place. I can only hope that he hasn't burnt any bridges there...

Nonetheless, for the right seat, an old-fashioned liberal(ish) Tory like Iain would go down well. And if Eric Pickles is reading this, and Tim Yeo does stand down (as is rumoured), South Suffolk might just be that seat.

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