Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lib Dems react to Local Government Review Decision

Courtesy of Kathy Pollard, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Suffolk County Council...

Liberal Democrats have reacted to the news that the government have delayed the decision to reorganise local government in Suffolk.

Commenting on the proposal to set up a constitutional convention Lib Dem Group Leader Kathy Pollard said “I would welcome the opportunity to sit on a cross party convention to discuss the future of local government in Suffolk. However, I must say that the process so far has been very unsatisfactory and a complete waste of council taxpayers’ money.”

“It is clear that the Boundary Committee have not listened to local authorities, the majority of whom wanted 3 councils in Suffolk rather than one or two. In my opinion this will now be a dead duck. I’m sure it will not be a priority for a new administration after the General Election.”

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