Thursday, February 18, 2010

Liberal Youth co-options update - General Executive Members

Heavens, this is complex...

Alright, we've co-opted the Vice Chairs, now it's time for the General Executive Members. I am currently finalising preparations for a ballot of the Executive Committee but can announce that we have six applicants. They are, in alphabetical order by surname,
  • Caroline Boyd
  • Cara Drury
  • Usaama Kaweesa
  • Callum Leslie
  • Callum Morton
  • Ed Sanderson
Due to some minor confusion over the necessity to file a manifesto, some e-mail difficulties on the part of candidates and Returning Officer, and a touch of misinformation, the manifestos are being sorted through, and members of the Executive Committee will be called upon to vote shortly.

More news as it becomes available...

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