Thursday, February 25, 2010

Escaping London, but only just...

A new Local Party for me on Tuesday night, as 'First Husband' duties took me to Warlingham, in East Surrey, the scene of a recent Conservative selection contest starring Iain Dale.

After a rather unpleasant journey caused by a signal failure at Wandsworth Common, we were met by Jeremy Pursehouse, our candidate there last time, and whisked off to the home of the Morrows, our hosts for an evening of pasta and politics.

And it's strange how, even when you feel slightly cranky and irritable, just how restorative an evening spent with Liberal Democrat activists and members can be. Within minutes of walking through the door, I felt rather upbeat and enthusiastic, aided only by a glass of white wine. There was much talk of the Conservative selection, won by Sam Gyimah, and tales of dark mutterings from disgruntled local Tories.

The event seemed to go well, with some very good questions and plenty of good humour and only too soon, it seemed, it was time to go. I wonder if I won a raffle prize?...

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