Friday, June 26, 2009

Crop circles: another mystery (partly) solved

Apparently, 50% of the poppies grown as raw material for morphine are grown in Australia, a fact that I for one didn't know until today. This information falls into the category of quirky but basically unhelpful.

However, it seems that, in Tasmania, poppy growers have been having problems with crop circles. Until now, that is. Observation has uncovered the guilty secret of wallabies. Apparently, they get into the poppy fields, eat the heads of the flowers, get high and hop about in circles until they pass out.

This introduces an interesting potential solution to the heroin problem in Afghanistan. Introduce wallabies and let them either eat or crush the opium crop. A cute, low cost and ultimately edible solution to the problem of cutting the income supply to the Taliban.

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Ryan said...

In Australia they have high wallabies making crop circles. In america we have crack heads making them. See there no such thing as aliens.