Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 10 of Niceness: not throttling some irritating guy from 'Liberal' Conspiracy

Day 10 and the niceness is being maintained. Today, I've had an exchange via Millennium's extra fluffy blog with a young man purporting to the the Deputy Editor of 'Liberal Conspiracy'. And, despite his seeming inability to understand that his judgement in publishing Rupert Read's childish whine about the big bad Liberal Democrats costing him the opportunity to rack up the expenses as an MEP, I've been quite gentle on him.

Of course, this is much easier when he is unwise enough to venture onto Millennium's manor - actually, 'unwise' doesn't really cover this, try 'recklessly foolhardy' - where his excuses were never really likely to find a warm welcome, especially when he starts by laying into everyone's favourite fluffy pachyderm.

However, it nevers pays to be rude to someone, so I've very graciously marked him on his claimed values and beliefs, providing some advice on where I felt that his performance was less than optimal. After all, we do want people to improve, don't we? And a little constructive criticism can only be helpful...

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