Friday, June 05, 2009

Bosmere and Gipping Valley stay safely in the Lib Dem column

With two rather pessimistic candidates, we were cautious about prospects of holding Bosmere and Gipping Valley. The feudal vote (Suffolk Together are led by Lord Blakenham), plus the traditional hardcore Conservative vote and a general anti-incumbent mood made predictions a dangerous game.

As it turned out though, the anti-us vote split three ways, with Suffolk Together and UKIP both taking significant shares of the vote but killing off any prospect of Conservative gains. Julia Truelove held the seat formerly held by our Party President by more than 400 votes, and John Field winning by over 500 in Gipping Valley.

So, no gains and no losses for us, no Labour vote of any note, nothing for UKIP. But there was one change in Mid-Suffolk...

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