Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What I'd really like is a bus stop

Alright, having grabbed power at the end of a manifesto, it's time to do something.

This is a picture of Cathy, who drives the Taxibus serving Creeting St Peter. Cathy and I were talking yesterday about improving rider figures for the service and concluded that a bus stop might bring the service to people's attention.

Conveniently, I was coming home to attend a Parish Council meeting and took the opportunity to raise the issue. The Parish Council were pleasantly enthusiastic, and it was decided to put the matter on the agenda for our next meeting, with the expectation that some research would be done.

Having raised the issue, it seemed only right that I should do the research myself, so I have taken the opportunity presented by my train journey to call Suffolk County Council and find out more. Ellie answered my call and efficiently took down all of the details, promising to pass them onto the appropriate department. She's even going to send me an application form for a bus shelter, although heaven only knows how we'd pay for one...

I even have a reference number to quote if I want to chase up progress (1501446), so we'll see how it goes.

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Niles said...

Heh - working hard on your first 100 days in power? :)