Saturday, June 06, 2009

So, what did happen in Upper Gipping?

It was a curious morning, all in all. The Upper Gipping count watchers consisted of the Green candidate, his daughter and, from time to time, me. No Conservative, despite the fact that they were defending the seat. Or, as it turned out, not defending the seat.

It fell to me to break the bad tidings when she actually arrived, as I was pretty convinced that she had lost. And, as in 2006, when I called the third seat in South Camberwell for the Greens long before they did, I was right. The final result in Upper Gipping:
  • Andrew Stringer (Green) - 1818 votes
  • Caroline Byles (Conservative) - 1323 votes
  • Mark Valladares (Liberal Democrats) - 262 votes
  • John Cook (Labour) - 183 votes

So, the only seat to change hands in Mid Suffolk went from the Conservatives to the Greens.

Overall, across Suffolk, with two-seat Chantry ward (held by Labour previously) still to declare - they couldn't declare yesterday and we won't get a result until Monday apparently - the state of Suffolk is:

  • Conservatives - 54 seats (+10)
  • Liberal Democrats - 11 seats (+2)
  • Labour - 3 seats (-15)
  • Greens - 2 seats (+2)
  • Independents - 2 seats (one of which sits with the Liberal Democrats) (n/c)
  • UKIP - 1 seat (+1)

We gained Hardwick in Bury St Edmunds from an Independent who had left the Conservatives previously, and St Helen's in Ipswich from Labour. That makes us the official opposition in Suffolk...

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