Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I wonder if one day that you'll say that you care...

Fresh from upsetting Paul Walter, it was time for a nice stroll in the wolf, bear and wild boar infested Suffolk countryside. I'd been left on my own for a change and, needing to get to Needham Market for some delivering, I thought that I might use the local footpath network.

So, taking my Suffolk street map, I set off for Creeting St Peter Church, using the old burial path before heading for Mill Lane. So far, so good. It was at this point that my difficulties started. I could see the sign, pointing over a wooden footbridge, but no obvious way of getting there. I ploughed through the tall grass and made it to a rather overgrown bridge, surrounded by nettles. On crossing the bridge, I found myself rather without options, so I skirted the edge of the field, found another footbridge and headed towards Grove Farm, where my map indicated a path towards the Gipping where I intended to join the River Path. Yes, you guessed it, no luck there either.

Backtracking a bit, I headed south towards the river and found the River Path, which took me through a field of highland cattle (most of whom were to cast a wary glance in my direction before wandering away).

The Gipping Valley River Path is a very pleasant stroll, and I followed it for about a mile before crossing the river at Ravens Farm, the railway at the level crossing and arriving at Mike and Sheila Norris's house to collect a couple of walks worth of leaflets to deliver.

All told, a very pleasant afternoon, and a chance to do something for Bosmere Liberal Democrats.

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"Fresh from upsetting Paul Walter"

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