Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Liberal Youth: the Returning Officer surmises

Article 6, paragraph 16 of the Federal Constitution of Liberal Youth states;

"Where the office of Chair is or becomes vacant the Executive may designate a Vice Chair to be acting Chair, until a proper appointment may be made under 10.6.a). The acting Chair shall assume all responsibilities of the Chair. Where an acting Chair is not appointed the Vice-Chairs shall jointly exercise the powers and responsibilities of the Chair."

As I understand the position, on that basis, and for the time being only, Alan Belmore is acting Chair, being the only extant Vice Chair.

The Federal Executive may then co-opt a replacement, as authorised at Article 6, paragraph 6, clause d)

"The Federal Executive shall have the power to initially co-opt to fill vacancies for posts under 6.1 a)-f) as laid out in 10.6 a) below"

Such a co-option shall last until an election can take place, as specified by Article 9.6.

Time to work out what the implications of Article 9, paragraph 6 are, I think...

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