Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vote Mark Valladares for ELDR Council Delegation (part 1)

The problem with a set of elections where you only have one side of A5 to make your case is that one side of A5 isn't very much. It allows you to convey a fairly simple message, and doesn't leave much scope for context or detail. So, as the Election Rules allow me to use this blog as a platform, here are some more thoughts...

What do I think that I have achieved in my first term in office?

I have attended three meetings so far, and reported back, both on this blog and on Liberal Democrat Voice, on the events at each meeting, providing an insight into what happens and why, as well as some of the context. It is important that not only should I represent the Party to its best advantage, but that I should be accountable to those who elected me.

I have tried to make ELDR more inclusive. For example, when the Bureau decided to accept an invitation from the Armenian National Movement to meet in Yerevan, I realised that the existing travel reimbursement scheme would leave many delegates significantly out of pocket, thus making the event for the relatively well-heeled only. By asking the Bureau to look into this, I achieved a relaxation of the scheme and a good turnout of delegates resulted.

On the issue of inclusivity, I have also sought to encourage people to attend ELDR Congresses, where policy is made on a European scale. This year, I also forwarded one of the proposed resolutions to LGBT+ Lib Dems for their thoughts, as I recognised that they might have a valuable contribution to make on the subject to be debated.

Finally, I have been nominated to serve on ELDR's Financial Advisory Committee, where I have encouraged the Secretariat to look at ways in which the burden of the membership fee, particularly for smaller parties and those without state funding, can be eased. If we want ELDR to be a pan-European political party, then we must reach out to liberal parties across the continent, and make it possible for them to play their part and voice their concerns.

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