Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Oh my God, David Icke's little helper is really serious!

Yesterday, you will recall, I was somewhat bemused by a contact from a woman claiming to be acting on behalf of David Icke. When I left off, I had just discovered that there is an apparent market of people who think the same way that he, and the Liberal Democrat Voice team, think. I wasn't immediately convinced...

From:Mark Valladares [mailto:markv233[at]aol[dot]com
Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2012 11:21 AM
To: Jessica Oiler
Subject: Re: Cooperation opportunities enquiry

Dear Jessica,

Having reviewed the website in question, it is unclear to me as to how, exactly, we fall within the same sector, although your client is an interesting one, of whom we are aware. I would be grateful for your comments on this point.

In addition, due to unprecedented volumes of work for our volunteer editorial board, we would prefer it if, as suggested, you supplied us with the article, including the required permanent link, and we can consider it on that basis.

Kind regards,


Had I been the recipient of this missive, I might have been a mite suspicious. However, clearly the task of promoting David Icke encourages persistence, and almost immediately, this reply arrived...

From: Jessica Oiler
To: markv233
Sent: Tue, 2 Oct 2012 9:34
Subject: RE: Cooperation opportunities enquiry

Hi Mark, website is very diverse. Certainly we would be more happy if you created an article relevant to our client’s website and to yours one. The topic can be connected with politics, for example, and include the keyword: Mind Control and target url:

Kindest regards,

Now, I accept that Liberal Democrat Voice has its critics, but I'm not sure that we would encourage mind control, even if we thought that such a thing was possible...

I wonder where she is?

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