Sunday, May 08, 2011

Treasure hunt: a morning drive in Mid Suffolk

I meant to publish this in September, and appear to have forgotten to do so... but it's fun anyway, so why not...

Whilst pottering about in Stowupland a few weeks ago, Ros and I came upon a poster for a Treasure Hunt, due to take place this weekend just passed. Whilst we don't get much opportunity to do things locally, it so happened that we would be at home and not committed to anything else, so Ros signed us up to take part.

So, yesterday morning at 10.25 a.m., we found ourselves at the Village Hall at Stowupland, where we were given a set of cryptic directions and clues to solve, plus a sealed envelope with a map in it. We weren't alone, as the Chair of Stowupland Parish Council, Nic Perks and his wife, were there with likewise intent.

I hadn't taken part in one of these before, but Ros had, so we took on our usual roles (Ros drives and I navigate) and we set off. The route took us up towards Cotton and Finningham, through Wickham Skeith, then across to Walsham-le-Willows and Badwell Ash, before returning via Wetherden and Haughley in time for a baked potato lunch back at the Village Hall.

I was rather pleased that, as at the time we finished, we were the only team to get all of the questions correct, and Ros dealt with the idiocyncracies of my technique with equanimity (oh look, there's a bunny rabbit!). We'll have to do it again if the opportunity arises.

Eventually, I must find out how we got on. Apparently, there is a formula which takes into account the number of miles travelled (the greater the number, the more detours you've taken), the number of questions correctly answered and the time taken.

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