Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Mobile Network by 3 - perhaps they need to work on their people skills?

I received a phone call on my BlackBerry this morning from a rather breezy young man who wanted to sell me mobile phone services.

I'll be honest, I'm perfectly happy with the arrangements I have at the moment, so I wasn't particularly enthusiastic about his offer and, indeed, may well have conveyed that in the tone of my response. However, he pressed on, asking whether I have a contract or are on pay-as-you-go. Now, call me old-fashioned if you will, but that's my business, not his, so I explained that I was perfectly happy with my current arrangements. I judge that to be a courteous, yet firm response, designed to convey the message that he should conclude the call.

But no, he asked the question again, obviously sticking to his script. I was slightly puzzled. Why on Earth should I give him the information that I wasn't willing to release the first time? So, I gave him the same answer.

Now, most sensible people would disentangle themselves by thanking you for your time and concluding the call. Not this young man, however. He exclaimed his frustration with my difficult attitude and hung up.

In truth, I understand his frustration. I wasn't adhering to his script - there's enough information about me held by various organisations I do business with without random companies getting involved. But, and if anyone from 3 is reading this, when your people are cold-calling, during the working day, the chances are that they are disturbing someone at work, and that that someone would rather not be cold-called by someone asking intrusive questions which are, with respect, none of their business.

And that, if that cold-caller displays that sort of attitude, I am extremely unlikely to consider 3 as my mobile phone service provider in future. I am also likely to take such a call as an indicator as to the quality of their customer service, something unlikely to enhance their prospects.

So, if you get a telephone call from 02920 822690, you'll know what to expect. Don't say that I didn't warn you...


Anonymous said...

The same thing as just happened to me. Could it be something to do with owning a Blackberry?

Cash for phones said...

Many people get these kind of calls everyday asking for useless information, without knowing the interest of other person.

The same thing was happened to my friends a lot. Frustrated with it.

Anonymous said...

I don't own a blackberry but this number is a pain, ringing but hanging up

Belle said...

Many thanks - I've just had 2 calls from said number - I won't be returning the call ;)

Anonymous said...

Yup, just had a call and won't be returning it either. Thanks for the info.