Thursday, May 05, 2011

Polling day dawns in Mid Suffolk

The campaign phase is over, the leaflets delivered, the canvassing done, and all that is left is to 'survive' polling day.

Ros and I have delivered most of the polling day leaflets, and I've been left to mind one of Stowupland ward's two polling stations, here in Stowupland (the other one is in my own dear Creeting St Peter, where just 11.5% of the voters are). I am, slightly surprisingly, alone, as the voters trickle in.

I say surprisingly, because I rather expected to find a Conservative teller when I arrived. Indeed, my expectation has been that my opponent will do something dramatic and game-changing. And whilst there is no obvious sign that it has happened yet, there is still time.

Expectations? Tricky question, that one. The canvassing has been pretty positive, with a friendly reception on the doorstep. I now have a high recognition factor, with complete strangers able to name me and/or my party. The question is, is it enough?

To add to the fun, the count isn't scheduled to begin until 3 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, so it will be more than seventeen hours after polls close until my fate is known. At least I should be well rested...
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David Blake said...

Good luck. My parents used to live in Mendlesham, which is not that far away, There used to be a Mr Wilson who was active in Stowupland.