Friday, October 17, 2008

Meanwhile, in darkest Wembley...

Last night, it was time for another meeting of the Executive Committee of my beloved Local Party, and so I made my way to Wembley, where our Vice Chair lives.

On arrival, I was somewhat surprised to be told by one of our councillors that he had been calling members in his ward to encourage them to vote for Ros. Now I freely admit that I had used my Executive e-group to ask all of them to vote for her, but I hadn't expected such a response. Apparently, people have been forwarding my message on to other people they know. It's all very touching, but reflects the genuine warmth displayed by so many people in support of Ros's quest for the Presidency.

I have a huge soft spot for Brent Liberal Democrats, as I've said in the past, and they never cease to confound. They aren't prone to sentiment, as their campaigning record testifies, but there is a warmth and a collegiate nature which makes you feel good inside.

And so, if re-elected, I intend to stay on as Secretary of the Local Party. It would be rude not to...

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