Thursday, October 09, 2008

Making one's New Year resolutions in October

One of the aspects of being a Party apparatchik is that you have to plan your activities in advance. Nominations close in October for the most part, and you end up having to decide whether you've enjoyed a job enough to want to continue before you've done most of it - Regional Conference Chair is a good example of that dilemma.

Indeed, by the time you've discovered your fate in Federal or State level elections, it's too late to use the time given to you by defeat to contribute elsewhere. C'est la vie, I suppose. Of course, for me, that decision is complicated by Ros's campaign to be Party President. How much time I will have to serve the Party on committees will vary depending on whether or not she wins, especially as one doesn't want to be seen as failing to deliver upon commitments made in manifestos (mine, not hers).

The temptation is to take on less rather than more, and that's probably how it will end up in 2009. On the other hand, a reduction in my formal commitments will allow me opportunities to take on one-off projects, and dabble in areas that I enjoy.

Decisions, decisions...

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Jennie Rigg said...

Of course, Samhain being the traditional new year means that some of us ALWAYS make our new year's resolutions on what you Christians call Halloween. You're only early by a couple of weeks.