Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It was Cincinnati wot won it - a glorious triumph for a faceless bureaucrat

Two weeks ago, I published my manifesto for English Candidates Committee, complete with cute picture of my beloved cat, Cincinnati, with my personal Lib Dem ballot box.

And then I waited... and waited... and waited for a ballot paper that never came. So, being an curious sort of soul, I rang Cowley Street to see what was happening. Paul Rustad, the friendly administrator of the English Party, told me that there would be no ballot paper, as the number of candidates conveniently equals the number of vacancies, i.e. five.

So, I have been (kind of) gloriously re-elected. I'd like to thank my agent, my campaign manager, my website designer and all the other people whose work has made this possible.

For completeness, I should congratulate Ken Cosslett, the current Regional Candidates Chair for South Central and a thoroughly decent soul, Neil Halsall from Western Counties, my fellow radical, and Dawn Davidson, the former Chair of English Candidates Committee, on being elected too.


Hywel said...

Congratulations on your triumph :-) Swing since the last election?

Out of interest, how and when were nominations asked for.

One issue I've got with the party's committee structure is that I can't recall ever seeing a ballot paper or nomination paper for English Council/Executive/Candidates Committtee etc.

Anonymous said...