Sunday, October 05, 2008

Another addition to my blog roll

I sense that Jennie is lonely, so it's high time I added another name to my blog roll. Step forward Jonathan Calder, whose blog 'Liberal England' has been a source of amusement and food for thought for a long time.

Of course, Jonathan's role as secretary to Lord Bonkers (my favourite slogan, "Don't be plonkers, vote for Bonkers!" will live long in my memory) is what he is perhaps best known for amongst Liberal (Democrat) activists. However, amidst the references to the presumably now world famous 'Shropshire Star', and the pithy one-liners, there lies an astute commentator on current events. The recognition of his work by fellow bloggers, regardless of party, is a reflection of the thoughtfulness and quality of his postings, indeed of his writings generally.

For unlike most of us, Jonathan has rather greater reach, through his contributions to Liberal Democrat News and the New Statesman. He is an ambassador for Liberal Democrat blogging and worthy of our celebration.

1 comment:

Jennie Rigg said...

Thank you, oh knight in shining armour, for quelling my loneliness!

(and I agree, Jonathan Calder is awesome)