Monday, January 05, 2015

Is it hubristic to say that you'd quite like to win a blogging award?

I have, over the years, been notable for my utter and complete failure to win any of the Liberal Democrat Voice blog awards (or any others, for that matter). And, I have to say, looking at the list of past winners, they have been of a quality that I aspire to, in terms of the depth and breadth of ideas, or humour, or sheer wonder of the writing - well, mostly (ooh, something controversial - who could he mean by that?).

And I found myself, on a drab, grey, rather soggy Saturday afternoon, finding myself thinking that I might enjoy a little acclaim myself. So, an award would be nice. There are some obvious barriers between me and a thoroughly deserved award, fame and fortune, I guess.

Grey, not an award winning colour, is it?
I'm a bureaucrat. No bureaucrat has ever won a Blog of the Year Award to my knowledge - if it did happen, the award was probably in multiple shades of grey rather than gold. And gold is pretty...

I don't do angry. Being MILDLY IRRITATED doesn't really cut it, it seems.

I don't do design. I know a man who does - he has three kids, lives in North London, might vote Green if they had a chance of winning (you know who you are...). Eye-catching probably helps. That means not using grey, doesn't it (see above).

I am easily... Is that a rabbit? Where was I, oh yes, distracted. I could be arranging my next adventure, or doing a jigsaw, or making a bacon sandwich, instead of sitting down with my blog. That doesn't make me a bad person, it just isn't award winning.

I'm rather partial to loyalty. You get more attention if you're attacking what is notionally supposed to be your own side. Dan Hodges, for example, who seems to make a very good living out of attacking the Labour Party from right-wing newspapers. I'm afraid that, at heart, I rather like the Liberal Democrats, and a lot of the people I might otherwise attack are friends. And friends don't do that to friends, do they?

Not promising material, is it?

Ah well, I'm just going to have to work a bit (a lot) harder, that's all. If you feel that I should be encouraged, or have ideas to improve this little corner of the blogosphere, feel free to suggest them. Alternatively, just click on the adverts if you're around. My advertisers like that, apparently...


Mark Pack said...

I think you should get an award for the illustration on this blog post - quite brilliant choice :)

Please take this comment as a vote of encouragement from me. You're a great blogger and on many issues I take a look at your blog hoping that you've penned something on the topic for me to ponder.

Mark Valladares said...


That's very kind of you to say so.

The award thing is more a prod to myself, as the blog does drift occasionally, but I'm hoping to make a small contribution towards broadcasting liberal perspectives as the election draws ever closer.

Kind regards!