Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Why you should always keep your eye on the Annunciator...

Debates in the Lords don't always run to schedule. Peers make shorter speeches than expected, or there are less of them than allowed for in the estimated timings for the day. And, sometimes, that means that someone is caught out, as was demonstrated on Monday afternoon in Grand Committee...

Lord Tunnicliffe: My Lords, before we start the next business, due to the efficiency with which we have executed our previous business, we are rather scratching to find a spokesman. I wonder whether we might take a 10-minute break for the Opposition to find a spokesman for the next round.

The Deputy Chairman of Committees: My Lords, yes, in due course but the noble Lord, Lord Tunnicliffe, is being a little previous.

Lord Tunnicliffe: I am so sorry.

Luckily, the notion of decency and fair play is not lost at that end of the Palace of Westminster and, a minute or so later, Hansard records;

The Deputy Chairman of Committees (Lord Skelmersdale) (Con): My Lords, I think by general agreement the Grand Committee will adjourn for 10 minutes.

3.47 pm

Sitting suspended.

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