Saturday, March 08, 2014

On not being at Conference...

I've got my papers and my voting delegate badge, I've downloaded the conference app onto my iPad Air, so everything is set for this weekend's Liberal Democrat Spring Conference in York. There is but one catch, in that I'm not there.
I was going to attend, but I have to admit to being a bit jaded by politics at the moment. Actually, let's be a bit more precise, I'm a bit jaded by domestic politics, the lack of meaningful dialogue, the emptiness of the debate, the inability of the media to hold our leaders to account, the narrow-mindedness of so much public opinion, the lack of horizon, the seeming inability of so many to think beyond tomorrow afternoon (if you're lucky).

I'm probably being a bit harsh, and I don't particularly blame any individual or group, but I suppose I've spent too much time wondering about possible second-order consequentials and being puzzled as to why others aren't doing the same. And, perhaps, the advantage of not being there is that I can take a deep breath, gather my thoughts, and get on with some other things that really do need doing.

In the meantime, there is beer, football and quite a lot of travel in my future. Oh yes, and a career-critical exam. But the least said about that, the better...

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