Sunday, April 01, 2012

The joys of a country stroll

Ros and I went for a stroll today. It was a pleasant, sunny morning, and we'd left the car in Stowmarket and needed to collect it anyway, so we set off across the parish, along the public footpath that runs from the village towards Cedars Park.

Ros knows far more about the countryside than I do, so our walk was interrupted by me asking questions about the flora and fauna we encountered. And, as we walked up the slope towards the road to Creeting Lakes, I noticed, on top of a hedgerow, a yellow and brown bird. "What is this?", I asked. "A yellowhammer.", she replied.

A yellowhammer, courtesy of Wikipedia
Alright, it isn't exotic, and it isn't unusual. But for a long-time city dweller like myself, the variety of birds that I can see in the area around me is a bit of a surprise. And, at this time of year, as the trees are beginning to burst into leaf, and birds are preparing nests, Creeting St Peter is, in its low key sort of way, a rather pleasant place to be.

All in all, it was a pleasant walk, and a reminder that there is much to be said for taking a gentle stroll, keeping one's eyes open, and just enjoying the simple pleasures of birdsong, sunshine and fresh air.

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