Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nature conservation, the Creeting St Peter way

On my way back into the village the other day, I noticed that a couple of traffic cones had been placed a little way off the grass verge opposite Peterhouse (a row of, presumably, former council houses) in the village. Ever the alert parish councillor, as I approached, I spotted the sign.

It is perhaps an indicator of how my neighbours value the nature around them that someone should go to such trouble. "But why the sign?", I thought. And then I realised. The school bus is, for most children in the village, a full-sized coach, and on its way into the village, it passes the tree in which the bird has nested. The sign, and the cones, prevent the nearside of the coach from brushing the tree.

So, whilst I don't know who is responsible, I should applaud their enterprise. A kind deed in a sometimes thoughtless world...

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