Saturday, March 31, 2012

I think that I've finally worked out this life thing...

It's taken forty-seven years, but it looks like I've found my metier. I have turned my mind towards becoming a country gentleman of an enquiring disposition. I could even learn to potter around, drink gin and watch the local wildlife, perhaps all at the same time.

And it suits me. I emerge from my country idyll from time to time, and wander around in a slightly puzzled way, wondering why everybody else is in such a hurry. Indeed, why are they? Heaven only knows.

At my best, I am a classically well-intentioned amateur, something that has emerged through my work with Unlock Democracy. And slowly and methodically testing evidence suits the way I think, so I think that I'd like to do that a bit more, perhaps a Policy Working Group, or a project of some kind.

But I do have quite a lot on my plate already. I'm responsible for the candidate assessment process for the 2013 County elections here in Suffolk, I'm the Local Party and County Treasurer, I'm part of the team organising the County Conference, and I'm involved in the European Liberal Democrats. Throw in my responsibilities as a parish councillor, and I've got enough to keep me intellectually challenged for some time.

And, of course, I have this blog, and my fortnightly day editor gig at Liberal Democrat Voice. So, all in all, I have quite a lot to do. I'd better get on with it then...

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