Friday, March 16, 2012

A financial advisor, c'est moi!

A fortnight ago, I was waiting for news from the Bureau of the European Liberal Democrats (ELDR), regarding a potential appointment.

I waited... and waited... but silence was all that came. So, I went to Gateshead for the Spring Federal Conference and pottered about a bit. I did run into Sir Graham Watson, ELDR President, but I was far too polite to ask him, especially as the news might have been bad.

However, on Wednesday, I received an e-mail from Roman Jakič, the ELDR Treasurer;

"I have the pleasure to announce to you that in accordance with the rules of the newly created Financial Advisory Committee, 'the candidates proposed to the Bureau by the ELDR Treasurer and Secretary General for membership of the Financial Advisory Committee, have been appointed' on 2 March 2012."

Apparently, my term of office ends on 31 December 2013.

I have to admit to being rather pleased about my news. After all, ELDR is a prestigious organisation and my new role is a serious one. But, interestingly, it means that I am one of the very few people to have held such a position in both ELDR and its youth equivalent, LYMEC (Liberal Youth Movement of the European Community).

It also means two trips a year to Brussels, a city I rather like, to add to the travelling for ELDR Council meetings. However, given that I love to travel, and Eurostar is a very civilised way to do so, I'm looking forward to serving ELDR and its member parties over the next twenty-one months.

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