Sunday, April 10, 2011

The sun is shining, it's time for tea with the Parochial Church Council

I may have mentioned one of the more recent features of village life in Paradise-sur-Gipping, the now monthly coffee morning and cake sale at the Church Hall.

Having missed last month's, due to the small matter of a Liberal Democrat Spring Conference in Sheffield, it was back to small talk and a slice of orange polenta cake (at least, that's what I think I was told it was) on a sunny day in mid-Suffolk.

Ros and I wandered down The Lane in anticipation, only to discover that there were two horses and a pony outside the Church Hall. Given that last month, we had managed to arrange for the mobile police station to be parked outside for the event, it did cross my mind that someone had arranged for some animal interaction for the children. As it turned out, it was mere coincidence, and the riders had taken the opportunity for a refreshing cup of tea as they were passing. I did stroke the muzzle of one of the horses though, and it seemed to enjoy it, so all was well.

There was a good crowd in attendance as well, and the event has really taken off - I was told that it was standing room only in March. Given the fine weather, a few people stood outside with their tea whilst children played around them.

I chatted with a few of the people gathered around us, although I didn't take the opportunity to campaign, as it seems a bit presumptuous to gatecrash someone else's event for personal advantage. After all, win or lose, I still have to live here afterwards, even if some of my opponents don't...

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