Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another cat rescue story, at no cost to the Suffolk taxpayer...

There's nothing like a human interest story, except perhaps a cat interest story, and following the drama of the Leiston rescue last week, the East Anglian Daily Times brings news of another rescue.

Wendy Wilson, of Little Bealings, travelled 600 miles to rescue a cat from a roof near her second home in the village of Cruzy, in south-west France, flying to Carcasonne and then hiring a car, after hearing that a stray tabby that she had adopted was trapped and could not be rescued (one presumes that the local fire brigade takes a more laissez-faire view of trapped cats).

Arriving on the scene, she was able to coax the cat to safety. But the story doesn't end there. Wendy arranged for the appropriate innoculations and a passport, so that the cat could be brought to Suffolk, and Sandy, the cat in question, now lives with Wendy's friend, Peggy.

Last minute flights on Ryanair? Expensive. A hire car. Not cheap either. Innoculations and a pet passport? Don't ask. A purring cat? Priceless...

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