Wednesday, April 06, 2011

And the runners and riders in Stowupland ward are...

As I had previously mentioned, Mid Suffolk didn't hang about in terms of publishing the nominations, and now we know what the opposition looks like. There are four candidates in the fray in Stowupland as follows;
  • Byles, Caroline Elizabeth (Conservative)
  • Snell, Ronald Derek (Labour)
  • Theobald, Craig (Green)
  • Valladares, Mark Jonathan (Liberal Democrat)
Caroline is the sitting councillor, Ron was the paper candidate for Labour last time, and Craig is the unknown quantity, that is, he'll know about me, and I don't know him.

I've started delivering the A3 leaflet in Creeting St Peter, and will be hitting the streets of Stowupland tomorrow. It's just twenty-nine days to polling day, and I suspect that my campaign manager has plans for all of them...

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