Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What do you mean, I'm actually the Chairman?

I was, I admit, pretty excited about becoming Vice Chair of my small, but perfectly formed, Parish Council. After all, we bureaucrats don't usually get offered positions of authority. And I thought that my first effort at chairing went quite well in the absence of our outgoing Chair due to pressures of work.

But it seems that I missed a small detail. Apparently, I am the Interim Chairman of the Parish Council until Steve signs the appropriate documents and assumes the chair. To be honest, I suspect that Rosemary, our Parish Clerk, withheld this small but important piece of information just in case I went berserk and started ordering trespassers to be shot or some such thing.

I admit that this is rather unlikely, but I am the most overtly political councillor on Creeting St Peter Parish Council, and I do have 'views', most of them about value for money and 'ordnung', admittedly.

My powers are fairly limited though, and as I don't even know how to turn on the street lights, Rosemary, and the village, are probably safe for the time being. And, in any event, I get to hand over the invisible chains of power in a fortnight's time...

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