Friday, June 03, 2011

Andrew Reeves: more proof that it tends to be the good that die young...

The news that Andrew has died suddenly and unexpectedly, has come as a bit of a shock, really. As a bureaucrat rather than an activist, we didn't come into contact much until I became a member of the Regional Executive in London. Andrew was seen as one of those people who got things done, and didn't suffer fools gladly - luckily, he had a generous spirit in terms of foolishness. He was also very highly regarded as a campaign organiser.

Much has been said already about Andrew, and Callum Leslie and Caron Lindsay have said much of it far better than I ever could. However, it would be remiss of me not to retell my personal 'Andrew story'.

Whilst Ros was running for the Party Presidency, and not long after Andrew had taken up his new role in Scotland, she made plans to spend polling day at the Glasgow East by-election. Unfortunately, Parliamentary business meant that she couldn't make it and, as the train tickets and hotel booking were non-refundable, it looked like a lot of money was going to waste. So, rather than have that happen, I went up to Glasgow on a whim, unannounced. As I walked into the committee room, Andrew looked at me as though I was the last person he expected to see, but set me to work immediately.

I noted that the committee room was a bit spartan and he explained, with a glint in his eye, that "if the committee room's too comfortable, people hang around instead of getting out and doing things". I left that office for more than just grudging respect for a man whose skills were so valuable and character so steadfast.

My condolences go to Roger, who I never met, but know made Andrew happy, and to the Scottish Liberal Democrat family, who had taken him to their heart, and who have had a horrible month.

Andrew, you're already missed...
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Unknown said...

So Andrew.

Thank you, Mark.

I missed the Glasgow East by-election by dint of being in Mallorca, but my story of the time is lying by the pool on the last day of my holiday and getting a tweet from Andrew (which came via text in those days) asking for info about a certain type of car. I couldn't imagine why he'd need this info, but I asked the one person who was bound to know, my husband. He gave me a very long, hours long, lecture on the subject in question, which I then tried to condense back in a series of tweets. And it turned out, in the end, that it wasn't because he needed it for the campaign. He'd just seen one going past the campaign HQ and wanted some info.

I am going to miss him so, so much.