Friday, March 13, 2009

Creeting St Peter needs a Parish Councillor or three? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

I have been passed a copy of the second issue of the Creeting St Peter Newsletter, published this week. It is, I have to admit, not a huge document, A4 double-sided, but does include reports from the Parish Council, the Community Council and the Parochial Church Council. It is also in colour and is quite professionally done.

Big news in Creeting St Peter is talk of the lorry park, planned for the area. Our local MP, Sir Michael Lord, is clearly too busy to do much, so his neighbour, David Ruffley, who represents Bury St Edmunds is leaning on the District Council to speed things up.

What else? Work will be done to revitalise the Notice Board, parish boundary signs have been put up so that people know where they are - not always entirely obvious - and nothing is being done about the street lights (both of them?) as consultation drew no response whatsoever.

There are three vacancies on the Parish Council, and they're keen to fill them. Hmmm...

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