Wednesday, August 13, 2008

European Selection, South East England: it gives me great pleasure to announce...

the result of the announced recount for the list, following the withdrawal of Murari Kaushik and, subsequently, Martin Lury.

As already stated, the top five remain unchanged, but the list now reads;
  1. Sharon Bowles
  2. Catherine Bearder
  3. Ben Abbotts
  4. Jim Barnard
  5. Antony Hook
  6. Simon Green (previously seventh)
  7. Zoe Patrick (previously eighth)
  8. Gary Lawson (previously ninth)
  9. David Grace (previously tenth)
  10. John Vincent (new addition)

Notably, John was a candidate last time, and he is the third member of the list who ran in 2004 (Sharon and Catherine are the other two). I ran into John in Brussels last month, and I know that he'll do us proud in the campaign ahead.

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