Saturday, November 03, 2007

On the road with Team Clegg

If my unexpected guest compere appearance in Newbury was a sign that I might see more of this leadership contest than I did last time (and complained endlessly about), today may well give the impression that I'm becoming something of a groupie.

This entry comes, in fact, from the 12:06 train from Derby, scene of the informal hustings at the East Midlands Regional Conference, to Leeds, the location of the formal hustings at the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Conference. Unexpectedly, I am surrounded by Team Clegg, making the same journey.

So why am I here, so far from the urban jungle of north London? Ironically, I'm multi-tasking. Firstly, I'm here with Ros, who is speaking at both events, before acting as keynote speaker at the Leeds Liberal Democrats Gala Dinner. Second, I'm looking at how other Regions organise their conferences (good things and bad). And why not get some more quality time with Chris and Nick whilst I'm at it...

I have to admit that I still haven't made up my mind yet, but the journey has proved to be an intriguing insight into how a leadership campaign works in reality.


Anonymous said...

The name of the region is 'Yorkshire and the Humber'. Don't let Ros say she is in 'Humberside' otherwise they'll feed her to the whippets!

Mark Valladares said...


Quite right, and I should know better. Edited with grateful thanks!