Friday, December 07, 2012

Quietly doesn't flow the Gipping...

The heavy rain over the past few days has finally caused the River Gipping to fill to dangerous levels, and the Environment Agency have issued a flood warning for the river south of Needham Market, as far as Bramford.

Here in Creeting St Peter, Mill Lane is flooded near Flint Hall, as Ros discovered on her way home this evening. Then, at around 4.15 p.m., it was passable with care, but we've had more rain since, although I'm pleased to say that it has stopped for the time being.

The system of drainage ditches has held up pretty well, especially those to the north of the village, along Creeting Lane which, fortuitously, were freshly dug out a few weeks ago to a very high standard - a blessing indeed, as this means that the road to Stowupland is in reasonably good shape. However, with the Gipping full to overflowing, we can expect more flooding in Needham Market, to follow that which occurred in May.

The village itself is alright, as we're somewhat elevated above the river, which forms the western border of the parish, although I suspect that the farmland nears the banks is going to be a bit waterlogged.

The only other issue is the East Anglian Main Line, which runs up the valley, criss-crossing the river at a number of points, although Greater Anglia aren't indicating any issues thus far.

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