Saturday, December 15, 2012

ALDE Policy: Towards a Market-Oriented Common Agricultural Policy

As promised, here's another of the policy resolutions passed at last month's ALDE Congress. You'll notice that it calls for significant cuts on the size of future budgets...

The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Party convening in Dublin, Ireland on 8-10 November 2012

  • the ongoing  discussions on Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Reform as well as the negotiations concerning the Multiannual Financial Framework; 
  • the 2011 Theme Resolution where the Party: “Calls for a European budget which is adjusted to the priorities of the 21st Century in which a decreased percentage of the EU budget is allocated to structural and cohesion funds and the CAP. This would also pave the way to end Member States’ rebates in the EU budget”.

  • that a market-oriented and sustainable agricultural policy is a prerequisite for the production of high quality foodstuffs.

  • that the CAP must be subject to significant cuts and reform in the next Multi-Annual Financial Framework;
  • that the regional dimension and environmental aspects should be given a greater weight within the framework of a reduced CAP in order to ensure sustainable rural development;
  • that investments in education and research are needed in order to boost innovation in the agricultural sector.

  • that financial resources in the agricultural sector need to be used efficiently and  therefore calls for a further reduction in, with a view to phasing out, direct payments as well as an instant end to public interventions and other market support measures;
  • the importance of high animal welfare standards, which have to be fully implemented and checked regularly to avoid distorting competition.

Calls for
  • The ALDE Party to push for a simplified and less bureaucratic CAP;
  • an adequate budget for rural development policy within the framework of a reduced CAP, consistent with environmental objectives such as resource efficiency and environmental conservation; 
  • a successful conclusion of the Doha Round.

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