Monday, November 21, 2011

"What do you do with a Secretary, when he stops being a Secretary?"

So, I've started the process of turning in my sheriff's badge as Regional Constitution Monitor (the actual title is Secretary, but you know what I mean). Just one more Executive Meeting to go, and a successor in place, Lloyd Harris from Dacorum, I'm already beginning to look for ways of filling my midweek evenings whilst Ros is in London running the country.

Meanwhile, my Local Party has been struggling a little. The Treasurer who, as is often the case, had his arm twisted to serve, has not exactly been on top of his game. Given that the Chair is a management accountant, this is, understandably, a mite frustrating to him, as he related to me over dinner one evening.

So I said, "Son-in-law, I'll tell you what, I'll do it myself if you really need someone.", thus breaking Valladares's First Rule of Bureaucracy - if you show any hint of willing, they will come. And so, despite being unable to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Bury St Edmunds Liberal Democrats on Friday evening, I was gloriously elected to the position of Treasurer unopposed.

And I'm already deep in thought about a four-year plan to take us through to the General Election...

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