Sunday, September 06, 2009

A gentle toe in the water - returning to duty in the West Midllands

August is always a quiet time in politics. Oh yes, leaflets are being delivered, residents are being surveyed, and the day to day stuff happens. However, Party business is put on hold, politicians go on holiday and there aren't many events to go to. Given that my role is mostly to accompany Ros to things, that puts me out of a job so to speak.

Summer is now over though, so I am 'back in harness', so to speak, and Friday evening saw me at Marylebone Station for the fairly pretty journey to Stratford-upon-Avon, where I linked up with Ros.

Yesterday morning was dedicated to browsing and some light shopping. I've bought myself a camcorder as a treat, and hope to learn how to use it one day! But we did have things to do. We stopped for coffee at Martin Turner's new home, where candidate stuff was discussed (Martin and I have clashed in the past)., before heading off to Hallow, the scene of Thursday's memorable by-election win, a gain from the Conservatives with a massive swing.

There, we met up with the victor, Dean Clarke, and local PPC, Richard Burt, for a photo opportunity and a chat. They've had some very good election results there of late, which augurs well for the general election, whenever it comes. And that was the theme at the West Worcestershire Annual Dinner in Malvern, our destination for the evening.

We were served by the local Sea Cadets, who looked after us extremely well. I admit that Malvern is not somewhere I would think of as a place to find Sea Cadets, but they are apparently thriving. A good meal, graced by the presence of Lorely Burt, Chair of the Parliamentary Part in the Commons, with pleasant company.

Our hosts for the night were John and Penelope Morgan, whose bed & breakfast, Ash Villa, was wonderfully comfortable. John remembered me from last year's Regional Conference in Pershore. I admired his memory...

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