Friday, September 25, 2009

Conference Day Three: (Not Quite) Everybody) Loves Vince

It was becoming apparent that the 'Mansion Tax' was causing something of a stir. Naturally, as an employee of HM Revenue & Customs, I wasn't going to be drawn on the subject, except to note that implementation would need to be handled sensitively - always advisable when you're trying something new.

That said, things still seemed to be going alright, even if the newspapers appeared to be at a rather different event.

It was a fairly quiet day for me, with not much formal business until the evening, when I attended the Lib Dem Friends of India event with Ros. Given that I'm half Indian, it seemed like the right place to be, and the newly arrived High Commissioner gave a pretty adroit speech, wishing us the very best of luck for the General Election, before noting that he would be conveying the same message to the other two Party Conferences he would be attending.

Ros left me to attend the Lib Dem Friends of Pakistan event which, rather predictably, clashed with the Indian one. I didn't go because, in truth, I was enjoying myself where I was. Given that the last time a member of my family had anything much to do with Pakistan was during the 1971 war (my uncle is a retired Indian Air Force Squadron Leader), I might not have been entirely welcome.

A good night out, and a nice prelude to the big day to come...

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