Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's my Party, and I'll minute if I want to...

I'm beginning to get a suspicious feeling that I may be holding one or two too many positions...

The Officers of my Local Party met this evening, or at least most of us did, and one of the issues which arose was the unexpected, and hopefully temporary, disappearence of our Secretary. And so, yes, you guessed it, I am now acting Secretary. So, I'm now working with nine Local Parties in various capacities and three Regional Parties. I'm Secretary to three of them, Returning Officer to another five, a member of the Selection Committee of another, and Regional Contact to four more. I'm also talking to at least five other Local Parties about hustings and/or social events.

One advantage of holding all of these positions is that I end up consulting with myself in a number of different situations, which at least has the positive aspect that I get the decision that I want/need. It also means that when I get to parties, there is nearly always someone I'd like to talk to about something I'm involved in.

Such a level of involvement tends to mean that the individual wants something. I wonder what I subconsciously want?

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