Sunday, May 09, 2010

Whilst the world fusses about coalitions, something much more important is happening - a Liberal Youth co-option

I have to admit to having neglected my duties as Liberal Youth's Returning Officer of late. And, given that the election of Alan Belmore to the position of Chair created a vacancy of the position of Vice Chair Finance, there is a co-option to be organised.

There have been three applicants;

Adam Parsons, Paul Walmsley and Tom Wood 

I will be organising that co-option over the coming days, before turning my attention to the annual elections for Liberal Youth.

It'll take my mind off of the other negotiations going on around me...

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Robson said...

Not wanting to be too flippant, Mark, but given that the nominations for the real elections close, er, next week, wouldn't it make more sense just to carry these over? :p