Friday, May 21, 2010

Liberal Youth: you can never have enough General Executive Members, can you?

The drama continues here at Bureaucrat Towers or, to be more precise, the 20:00 service from Liverpool Street to Norwich, calling at Colchester, Manningtree, Ipswich, Stowmarket (change here for Creeting St Peter), Diss and Norwich.

Since you left us, 'Liberal Bureaucracy' has been dealing with one candidate whose e-mail says he is running for one post, and his manifesto another, a candidate with a Facebook page but no valid nomination (as far as I can tell) and the receipt of a lot of sympathy (no tea so far, but I have beer...). I'm also exchanging e-mails with a member who seems determined to demonstrate his lack of self-awareness and courtesy (congratulations, you've succeeded... but I have beer... and a Melton Mowbray pork pie...)

But you don't want to hear me complain, do you? Or maybe you do. Anyway, here are the valid nominations for the position of General Executive Member. Bear in mind that there are eight vacancies...
  • Jason Alecock
  • Sean Barnes
  • Sophie Bertrand
  • Fergus Blair
  • Stuart Brown
  • Oliver Constance
  • Duncan Crowe
  • Nicholas Doropoulos 
  • Sarah Harding
  • Charlotte Harris
  • Jade Holden
  • Ben Jones
  • Nathan Khan
  • Douglas Oliver
  • Matt Platts
  • Mo Saqib
  • Catherine Smith
  • Terence-Jonathan White
Of course, there are still the Committees and a question about the post of English Convenor, but I'll get to those tomorrow, I guess...


C Leslie said...

Jesus christ Mark. 33 people running for 13 positions (31 discounting jobshares). Good luck, you shall need it! Next time we meet, a beer is in order.


Richard Gadsden said...

I assume that Sarah Harding isn't the one from Girls Aloud.

Seriously, if you want a hand, you know where I am.

hypnoticmonkey said...

Have fun with this one! I volunteer at a Youth Club which has a members council elected by the members. Naturally, I insisted that we elect by STV so had to spend a teach a bunch of 12 year olds about preferential voting (incidentally they understood in about 1 minute and I had no spoilt ballots - I'm sure an adult public could get their heads around it) and then subsequently get my head around an STV count with 9 candidates for 5 positions.

One person was actually elected with 0 first preferences. You've got to love STV!

Duncan said...

@hypnoticmonkey - actually, something which doesn't show up on my 'manifesto' as I didn't see it as especially relevant experience, I got elected as one of Cambridge's NUS delegates under STV. I made a determined effort not to campaign and IIRC was being beaten by RON up until the 6th-last or so elimination. RON is a serious contestant in STV with so many candidates given the large number of folks who vote for their mates and then stick down RON rather than leaving the form blank. I seem to remember he managed to reopen two delegate slots that year.