Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Liberal Youth: I think that, maybe, I'm certain I have the final list of candidates (probably)

It has been a long, and occasionally bewildering, road for this Returning Officer. I have to admit that, after the General Election campaign, I was weary in a way that I have never been before, and somewhat disorientated, not perhaps the most optimal state for taking on the organisation of a Liberal Youth election.

Luckily, with the accession of the coalition, my life has calmed down a little bit, and I have found myself rather enjoying having to deal with a bunch of charmingly enthusiastic young people, most of whom are polite, appropriately (but not overly) respectful and keen to make their case. One presumes that I was like that when I was their age but, somehow, I doubt it.

So, before we start on the details of when, how and where, one last candidate to announce. It is clear that I must, in future, insist that all nominations come to one place, as I found this one in my work e-mail...
  • Rosie Rutter is the final candidate for the position of Vice Chair Membership Development
And with that, I hereby declare the nomination phase of the 2010 Liberal Youth annual elections to be at a close.


Niklas said...

Would it be possible to get Liberal Youth to publish an offical full list of candidates, ideally with links to their Facebook groups? The elections microsite at http://unionrains.nfshost.com/elections/index.html is still set up only for nominations and doesn't list the candidates.

Mark Valladares said...


I think that this is an excellent idea. We'll see if we can publish their manifestos, links to Facebook groups, Twitter feeds and anything else that might give candidates a chance to communicate with members.

C Leslie said...

Chris Wiggin made a list on Facebook, but I don't think it is fully up to date.